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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mortimer Adler in Life's image archive

The Associated Press reported
Google Inc. has opened an online photo gallery that will feature millions of images from Life magazine's archives that have never been seen by the public before.

The new service, available at, debuted Tuesday with about 2 million photos. Eventually, Google plans to scan all 10 million photos from Life's library so they can be viewed on any computer with an Internet connection.


The photos can be printed out for free as long as they aren't being used as part of an attempt to make money. Time Warner Inc., Life's parent company, hopes to make money by selling high-resolution, framed prints. The orders will be processed through

(via Ryan Sayre Patrico at First Things)

--Terrence Berres


  1. Hey neat -- the photo of the list of Great Ideas shows that Analogy-Proportion, Body, and Music were originally in there, making the total 105. Is anything said about that in the Autobiographies? I don't recall ever knowing this.

    -Mark Brawner

  2. Yes and in the front of his book, The Great Ideas.

  3. A-ha, I'm slippin'. Must be time for a re-read!