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Friday, May 21, 2010

Lessons not learned . . .

NEW YORK - The Dalai Lama on Thursday declared that he is still a Marxist in spirit who condemns capitalism as a system whose main goal is "how to make profit." Marxism has "the only economy system expressing concern of equal distribution (of wealth); that is moral ethics," the Tibetan Buddhist leader told a news conference at the start of a four-day New York visit.


  1. "how to make a profit" is a pejorative way of saying - "how to meet the needs of others and yourself by exchanging value for value". I really wish socialists would THINK about what they are saying instead of pouting about how some people have more money than others. Any system with total equality of wealth enforced by law will only result in making us all equally poor. No one will apply very much enthusiasm, brain power or effort if they know that the fruits of their labors will just be taken by others. Socialism is state sponsored theivery. It sounds good as long as you are the recipient of some elses wealth. Eventually, though, the system collapses because we run out of willing victims to steal from.

  2. Marx, by the way, developed his philosophy out of deep poverty because he wanted to make a living writing nonsense rather than doing something useful that people would actually pay for. His philosophy was simply a very thinly disguised way of wishing that society would support him doing whatever he wanted to do without his having to worry about a thing. A childish fantasy that cost the world millions of lives and billions in lost productivity.