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Friday, May 18, 2012

Drive time philosophy

What Man Has Made of Man, by Mortimer Adler, came up this morning on Morning Air, with Sean Herriott, on Relevant Radio, a Catholic radio network. Mr. Herriott posted on Facebook,
"Thanks to Brandon Vogt for motivating me to start reading "What Man has Made of Man," by Mortimer Adler. I talked about the book (well, really just the introduction) with Dr. Tim Weldon this morning (check it out in hour 2 of today's Morning Air audio archives). ..."
The archive is here.

The book consists of lectures delivered by Dr. Adler before the Institute of Psychoanalysis in Chicago in 1936. Mr. Herriott's focus on the book's Introduction was a result of Dr. Adler having Dr. Franz Alexander write it. Dr. Alexander begins,
"It is unusual to write an introduction to a book of an author whose conclusions, approach to his problems and whole outlook are diametrically opposite to those of the author of the introduction."

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