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Sunday, June 30, 2013

First, the good news...

B.C. at The Economist's Erasmus weblog posts on a recent controversy involving 'Hell, atheism and the pope'.
"Amidst all the apparent contradiction and confusion, there is a basic problem that besets all communication between the religious and the secular worlds. Religious statements are rooted in a metaphysical system, an understanding of the universe, which is pretty foreign to the modern, liberal mind. In traditional Christian thought, the primordial (and for many modern minds, intensely controversial) assertion is the existence of a loving God, from whom humanity has been estranged. Within that system, self-exclusion from that loving God is self-evidently a 'hellish' choice; that is almost a tautology, a statement of the obvious. Outside that metaphysical system, statements about exclusion from God's love don't make any sense at all, they sound like pious nonsense."

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  1. loving god ? i don't understand.In 64 years of life i have seen no loving god,but war,people hating in the name of religon,people hungre.people pary to god to save a life yet when millions die nothing happens.if thats god will we are doing much better with out him.god is a dream many people us to have hope and something to run to when the shit hits the fan.more wars have been in god name yet we never learn.if thier was a god he gave up a long time ago when we stop beleaving in him and started religon,and talking for him.