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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Announcement about Studia Gilsoniana

The classical  philosophy journal Studia Gilsonia, an affiliate of Aquinas Leadership International, is  pleased to announce that Florian Michel has agreed to be a French Linguistic Editor for the Studia Gilsoniana Editorial Board. See:
and R.P. Thierry-Dominique Humbrecht, OP (a member of J. Vrin's Equip Gilson and is involved in the "Revue Thomiste" of Toulouse) has accepted the position of a French Language Editor as part of the Editorial Board of Studia Gilsoniana. See:

Studia Gilsoniana is an international philosophical journal focused on the philosophical thought of Étienne Gilson and classical philosophy. The journal is published on-line and on paper by the International Étienne Gilson Society. It will become quarterly in 2015. Submissions are welcomed in English, French, Polish and Spanish. Immediately below is more information about the Journal:

Urbano FERRER (University of Murcia, Spain)
Curtis L. HANCOCK (Rockhurst Jesuit University, Kansas City, MO, USA)
Henryk KIEREŚ (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland)
Peter A. REDPATH (Adler-Aquinas Institute, Manitou Springs, CO, USA)
James V. SCHALL, S.J. (Georgetown UniversityWashington D.C., USA)
Fr. Jan SOCHOŃ (Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, Poland)
Fr. Pawel TARASIEWICZ (KUL, Poland)

Associate Editors
Donald COLLINS (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)
Jeremie SOLAK (Spring Arbor University, MI, USA)

Subject Editors
Imelda CHLODNA (KUL, Poland) - Varia Gilsoniana
Fr. Tomasz DUMA (KUL, Poland) - Varia Classica

Linguistic Editors
Stephen CHAMBERLAIN (Rockhurst Jesuit University, Kansas City, MO, USA)
Thierry-Dominique HUMBRECHT, OP (J. Vrin's Equip Gilson, France)
Thaddeus J. KOZINSKI (Campion College, Toongabbie/Sydney, Australia)
Florian MICHEL (Institut Pierre Renouvin, Paris, France)
Ángel Damián ROMÁN ORTIZ (University of Murcia, Spain)

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