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Friday, October 17, 2014

From the Center: Montaigne's Essays; The Great Idea of Honor;

This past week's communications to members of the Center for the Study of The Great Ideas included:
  • Mortimer Adler on the Essays of Michel de Montaigne, Dr. Adler's work selecting and introducing them for the Franklin Library’s 100 Greatest Books of All Time series, information about the discussion of selected Essays in the Great Ideas Program series, and finding the Essays on-line; and
  • Dr. Adler on The Great Idea of Honor.
An additional online edition of Montaigne's Essays is at the University of Adelaide. It happens the topic of honor is explicit in the essays titled 'Not to Communicate a Man’s Honour', Book the First, Essay 41, and 'Of Recompenses of Honour', Book the Second, Essay 7. There are numerous references to the Essays under Honor in the Syntopicon.

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