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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Paideia Institutes - July 2015

At the National Paideia Center, online registration for:

Introduction to Paideia Seminar, July 14-15

"The Paideia Seminar is an integrated literacy event built around formal whole class dialogue. The purpose for doing Paideia Seminar is to support students’ ability to think conceptually and communicate collaboratively.

"During these two days of professional development, teachers will participate in an adult Paideia Seminar and learn the key components for planning. We will talk about what makes a good text for seminar, how to design appropriate questions to invite students into collaborative thinking, and strategies for coaching balanced student participation. Teachers will practice facilitating short Seminars with their colleagues. In the end, teachers will have a set of Paideia Seminar lesson plans to practice with and use as models."

Leadership Institute July 27-29

"Leadership is the key to quality. Experience has taught us that an effective, sustainable implementation of the Paideia Program is based on strong, collaborative leadership at the school and district level. Join us for a three day Paideia Leadership Institute in which we work together on what it means to be an instructional leader of a Paideia School and building effective Leadership Teams dedicated to the systemic implementation of the Paideia program.

"Make plans for your Leadership Team (at least three key players at your school and/or district) to attend with the specific purpose of creating a detailed plan for your 2015-2016 school year."

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