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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Adler Bibliography in GBWW 2nd

These works by Mortimer J. Adler are included in the Bibliography of Additional Readings in Great Books of the Western World (2nd Ed., 1990) [with the Great Ideas under which they were listed]
  • The Angels and Us (1982) [Angel]
  • Art and Prudence, a Study in Practical Philosophy (1937) [Art, Prudence]
  • The Common Sense of Politics (1971) [Government, State]
  • The Conditions of Philosophy (1965) [Philosophy, Science]
  • Dialectic (1927) [Dialectic]
  • A Dialectic of Morals, Towards the Foundations of Political Philosophy (1941) [Good and Evil, Happiness]
  • The Difference of Man and the Difference It Makes (1967) [Man]
  • How to Think About God (1980) [God]
  • How to Think About War and Peace (1944) [War and Peace]
  • The Idea of Freedom (1971; Vol. 1, 1958; Vol. 2, 1963) [Liberty]
  • Intellect: Mind over Matter (1990) [Mind]
  • The Paideia Program (1984) [Education]
  • The Paideia Proposal: An Educational Manifesto (1982) [Education]
  • Problems for Thomists: The Problem of Species (1940) [Evolution]
  • Reforming Education: The Opening of the American Mind (1988) [Education]
  • Six Great Ideas (1981) [Beauty, Good and Evil, Justice, Liberty, Truth]
  • Some Questions About Language (1976) [Language, Mind, Sign and Symbol]
  • The Time of Our LIves: The Ethics of Common Sense (1970) [Happiness, Virtue and Vice]
  • Truth in Religion (1990) [Religion]
  • A Vision of the Future: Twelve Ideas for a Better Life and a Better Society (1984) [Citizen, Democracy, Government, Habit, Happiness, Labor, State, Virtue and Vice, War and Peace, Wealth]
  • We Hold These Truths (1987) [Constitution, Democracy]

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