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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Using the cardinal moral virtues to build a moral culture of leadership excellence within organizations

Scheduled for 10:30am–Noon Eastern Time, Plenary Session presentations and panel discussion 11
Chair: Joseph Indelicato (Catholic Education Foundation/Caritas Consulting)

Speaker: Fulvio Di Blasi (Novareté) An exposition of the Novareté method for building and sustaining a moral culture within contemporary businesses

Many companies and institutions struggle to integrate social and environmental concerns into their strategies and operations. There is a strong need for new methods, tools, and models able to contribute to company performance and societal wellbeing, with positive economic impacts for all. Novareté is an innovative scalable digital platform, which shows the potential of effectively engaging users on ethical issues and to bring values and cultures to life in organizations. This platform has intrinsic value both for scholarly research and for the business world, where it can become a tool able to overcome the limits of traditional “products” and methods to implement business ethics and CSR, such as “codes of conduct”, “sustainability reports”, “workshops”, “consulting”, “benchmarks”, etc. By making ethics ‘come alive’, Novarete drives higher performance in companies and institutions, while also restoring trust and ethical credibility back to the market. Novareté runs on any organization’s “intranet”. Its complete package offers both low-tech and high-tech interactive tools to articulate and promote shared vision and values. The core of the system is a weekly ethical dilemma, with which users interact in several ways, all over digital media. The platform also offers features and functionality using the latest trends in digitalia – social media, gamification, and mobility solutions. Novareté panel presentation will include: (1) A power point presentation on the origin and current status of Novareté as a startup company; (2) A short video interview with a CEO whose company is currently using Novareté; (3) A short explanation of the ethical foundation of the system.

Livestream of video from the Conference will be at the Holy Apostles College and Seminary YouTube Channel.

Next session scheduled for 1:00pm.

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