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Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Great Books of the East - The Chinese tradition

This earlier post introduced an article on "the idea and history of classics or great books in the four eastern traditions, Islamic, Indian, Chinese and Japanese" and provided a suggested list of the essential works in the Islamic tradition. A second post had the list for the Indian tradition. In this third post, here are suggested great books in the Chinese tradition.
Analects (Lun-yu, post-Confucius, d. 479 B.C.)
Mozi (c. 470 - c. 391 B.C.) [Mo Tzu]
Laozi (fl. 6th Century B.C.) [Lao Tzu]
Tao Te Ching
Zhuangzi (Zhuang Zhou, c. 4th century B.C.) [Chuang-tzu]
Mencius ((372 – 289 B.C.; alt. 385 – 303/302 B.C.)
Xunzi (Xun Kuang, c. 310 – c. 235 B.C., alt. c. 314 – c. 217 B.C.) [Hsun Tzu]
Han Fei (c. 280 – 233 B.C.)
Han Feizi [Han-fei-tzu]
Sima Qian c. 145 or 135 – 86 B.C.) [Ssu-ma Chien]
Records of the Grand Historian (Shǐjì, c. 94 B.C.)
Lotus Sutra (c. 200 A.D.)
Platform Sutra (Liuzu Tanjing, 8th to 13th Century)
"T'ang poetry, selections from the great poets of the T'ang dynasty" (June 18, 618 - June 4, 907)
e.g., 300 Tang Poems. compiled by Sun Zhu (1711 - 1778)
Zhu Xi (October 18, 1130 – April 23, 1200) [Chu Hsi]
Chin-ssu lu (1175, with Lu Tsu-chien, 1137-1181; Reflections on things at hand; the Neo-Confucian anthology, 1967, Wing-tsit Chan translation)
Wang Yangming (31 October 1472 – 9 January 1529) [Wang Shou-Jen]
e.g., Instructions for Practical Living (Chuan Xi Liu) and Inquiry on the Great Learning (Da Xue Wen), in Instructions for Practical Living and other neo-Confucian Writings, Chan Wing-tsit translation, 1963
Wu Cheng'en ( c. 1500 – 1582 or 1505 – 1580)
Journey to the West (Hsi-yu chi, 1592)
Cao Xueqin (1715 or 1724 – 1763 or 1764) [Ts'ao Hsueh-ch'in]
Dream of the Red Chamber (Hung Lou Meng, 1791)
(Considered but not selected: "such Buddhist texts as The Awakening of Faith, the Surangama Sutra, and, if it has not been read as a work of the Indian tradition, the Vimalakirti Sutra; and other major novels like The Water Margin [All Men Are Brothers]; The Golden Lotus and The Scholars [Ju-lin wai-shih].")

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