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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Where Life Is Seized

Adam Shatz reviews Écrits sur l’aliénation et la liberté, by Frantz Fanon, edited by Robert Young and Jean Khalfa, at the London Review of Books.
"In an 1841 essay endorsing the 'pacification' of Algeria, Tocqueville wrote: 'Men in France whom I respect, but with whom I do not agree, find it wrong that we burn harvests, that we empty silos, and finally that we seize unarmed men, women and children … These, in my view, are unfortunate necessities, but ones to which any people that wants to wage war on the Arabs is obliged to submit.' Fanon, who believed that what had been removed by force should be taken back by force, did little more than turn Tocqueville on his head."


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