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Monday, August 7, 2017

Historic VC course now available for 2017 fall semester

Noah Purdy reported on the revision and revival of Vassar College's Civilization in Question course, at The Miscellany News.

"In the course’s newest permutation this fall, Associate Professor and Chair of Greek & Roman Studies Rachel Friedman and Professor of History and Director of Medieval & Renaissance Studies Nancy Bisaha, who have both taught Civilization in Question before, will be joined by Assistant Professor of Philosophy Christopher Raymond.

"They will be focusing primarily on pre-modern texts, with Ancient Greek works by Homer and Aeschylus covered by Friedman, thinkers including Plato and Augustine reflecting Raymond’s work in ancient philosophy, and texts by Italian humanists Machiavelli and Pico della Mirandola and a Medieval romance by Chrétien de Troyes taught by Bisaha.


"'The course was scaled back to one semester and eventually settled on an ideal balance of three professors.' Friedman explained, '[Many students are] used to a different model of learning and teaching, where there’s one expert at the front of the room and that’s who they have to listen to. Here we’re saying, Well, here are three different takes on this text. What do you think?'"


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