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Sunday, September 17, 2017

How do you translate the Quran? New book digs into history

Patrick T. Reardon reviews The 'Koran' in English: A Biography, by Bruce B. Lawrence, at the Chicago Tribune.

"For this new book looking specifically at the English version, Lawrence uses the transliteration Koran in the title and often in the text because it is the word most often used in English in the past and still best known by English speakers. In addition, he often uses the spelling Qur'an. Many news organizations, including the Tribune, employ Quran.

"Lawrence is elaborate in his praise for a 2015 translation American Qur'an, which he describes as an 'illuminated' version of the holy book. In this large-format work, artist Sandow Birk offers each sura beautifully handwritten and framed by scenes of American life. An image from that book is on the cover of The 'Koran' in English."


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