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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Education in the Digital Age

Brian Kemple at Semiotic Thomist.

"Here, I want to take a look at the technological factors which have a pervasive influence in our environments. I am, again, working off the thought of Marshall McLuhan, within the framework of a Thomistic psychology, and with a semiotic perspective (that is, such that mediation between any two or more things occurs by virtue of a sign, the being of which is a triadic relation comprising object, interpretant, and sign-vehicle). More specifically, I am concerned with the 'electric' environment–light, television, telephone, and anything which fosters instantaneous communication (including some capacties provided by the internet)–and the 'digital' environment–which, we might say, comprises the coded structuring of discretely categorized knowledge made available to us through computers, smart phones, and the internet."

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