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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Welter reviews Redpath's 'Moral Psychology of St. Thomas Aquinas'

Brian Welter reviewed The Moral Psychology of St. Thomas Aquinas: An Introduction to Ragamuffin Ethics, by Peter A. Redpath, at Studia Gilsoniana.

"The author connects organizational psychology with moral psychology, highlighting how both feature whole-part relationships. When indifferent to the principles put forth by Aristotle and St. Thomas, the reason that orders these relationships 'inclines to become anarchic' (22). Redpath links this back to the West’s philosophical problems. The decline and anarchy we see around us stem from the fact that 'centuries ago, Western civilization lost its understanding of the nature of philosophy as an organizational psychology' (22). By this he specifically means the lost 'understanding of the natures of metaphysics, ethics, and science as habits of leadership excellence of the human soul' (22)."

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