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Friday, April 6, 2018

Aquinas Leadership International Update - April 2018

Peter A. Redpath writes "to update you about some developments related to the Aquinas Leadership International (ALI) group, our affiliate organizations, and other groups interested in ALI’s work."

Fifth Annual Aquinas Leadership International World Congress
20 to 22 July 2018
Immaculate Conception Seminary
Huntington, Long Island, NY, USA
●  The Fifth Annual Aquinas Leadership International World Congress Topic
The chief topic for the ALI 20 to 22 July 2018, 5th annual Aquinas Leadership International World Congress at the Immaculate Conception Seminary in Huntington, Long Island, NY, USA, will be:
“Artificial Intelligence and the Futures of Philosophy, Global Leadership, and World Peace”
This World Congress will celebrate the following 5 anniversaries:
10th Anniversary of its Founding of the International Étienne Gilson Society (IEGS) at a meeting sponsored by Civitas Christiana, Warsaw, Poland
10th Anniversary of the death of Mieczysław Albert Maria Krąpiec, O.P.
40th Anniversary of the death of Étienne Gilson
50th Anniversary of publication of Jacques Maritain's Peasant of the Garonne
100th Anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankensteinor the Modern Prometheus
This World Congress especially welcomes individual papers, or panels, that relate works of the above individuals and organizations to the Congress main topic. If you are interested in doing an individual paper or organizing or participating in a panel, contact Congress organizer Peter Redpath ASAP.
If you would like to co-sponsor this meeting, prepare a paper, participate in, or organize, a panel related to this topic, contact the Congress Chair, Peter Redpath, at:
The Aquinas Leadership International group is pleased to announce that the American Maritain Association will join our already-existing co-sponsors to help host this meeting!
 The Aquinas School of Leadership (ASL) Announces Formation of the "Aquinas Global Leadership University" (AGLU)
Starting in September 2018, the Aquinas School of Leadership will inaugurate an Aquinas Global Leadership University (AGLU) as a division within its Center for Leadership Coaching. For further information about the AGLU, contact Dr. Peter A. Redpath at:
● University of South Africa and the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin Thomistic Studies Research Doctoral Programs

The University of South Africa in Pretoria has an online research doctoral program (PhD) in Philosophy that includes Thomistic studies. The Aquinas School of Leadership in the US is helping to promote this program for students contemplating, or currently, pursuing a graduate Master’s degree in Thomistic Studies and link this degree from the University of South Africa to  a follow-up, second Ph. D. degree from the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.

The costs of the program after completing an acceptable Master’s degree start with 7,840 South African Rand for the research proposal, which equals $643 US Dollars, then, 15,400 South African Rand per year, which equals $1,263 US Dollars per year. The time limit for completion of the Pretoria program is 6 years.

For information about this program, contact Dr. Peter A. Redpath at:

● Links Below to Recordings of Dr. Curtis L. Hancock's Inaugural Lecture on 01 March in Paradise Valley, AZ
Please see the links below for recordings of Prof. Curtis L. Hancock's excellent inaugural lecture for the newly-formed “Aquinas School of Leadership Lecture Series” as part of Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) Public Philosophy series sponsored by the PVCC Philosophical Society.
Day: Thursday
Date: 01 March 2018
Time Held6:00 to 8:00 PM on
Topic: “Perennial Lessons about Happiness from Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas”
Link to YouTube Lecture:
Link to Audio of Complete Talk and Follow-up Discussion:

● International Institute for Culture Announces the Seventh Lecture in its Sunday Series:

The Island of Catholic Exuberance in Protestant Germany: Music of the Dresden Court”

Location:  6331 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19151

Date: April 8, 2018 

Time: 12:45 PM

For More Information, see:

● St. Vincent College Inaugural Deely/Maritain Lecture by John Hittinger
St. Vincent College recently announced that Dr. John Hittinger of the University of St. Thomas (Houston) will be the inaugural speaker in the College's newly-created John Deely/Jacques Maritain Lecture Series

Location: Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, in the Luparello Lecture Hall of the Sis and Herman Dupré Science Pavilion

Day: Saturday

Date:  14 April 2018

Time: 7:00 PM

For more information, see:
● Nature of Democracy Interview of Peter L. P. Simpson by Chris Hodges

Peter L. P. Simpson, Professor of Classics & Philosophy at the City University of New York talks with Chris Hodges about the nature of democracy by deconstructing the political philosophy of liberalism:

 Catholic Educator Announcements:
Volume 22, Spring 2018, issue of The Catholic Educator journal is now available. To obtain a copy, contact this site:

Note the dates and place of the Fourth Annual Seminar on “The Role of the Priest in Today's Catholic School”: 

Days: Monday to Wednesday

Dates: July 16–19

Location: Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ

● A Message from Russell Berman about the “Massacre in Syria”
 Russell Berman writes in the TELOSscope Blog, “The ethnic cleansing in Syria is hardly a secret, but it continues unabated. A Syrian refugee and a Holocaust survivor have collaborated on an appeal:
● Thomas International Center Upcoming Activities are Now Listed at:
● Thomistic Institute Announces the Following April Lectures:
4/9 5:30 pm at Yale University
"Mary, Seat of Wisdom: Reflections on the Spirituality of the Intellectual Life" by Dr. R.R. Reno (First Things)
4/10 6 pm at University College Dublin
"Is Free Will an Illusion?" by Dr. Daniel De Haan (Postdoctoral Fellow, Cambridge University). Co-sponsored by the UCD Newman Society.
4/10 7 pm lecture for DC Young Adult chapter at St. Charles Borromeo Church
"The Magisterium: What it Is and Why it Matters" by Prof. Reinhard Huetter(Catholic University of America). Co-sponsored by the Diocese of Arlington.
4/11 7:00 pm at Tulane University
"Can Science Study the Human Soul?" by Prof. William Jaworski (Fordham University). Co-sponsored by the Tulane Chapter of the Thomistic Institute and Tulane Catholic. 
4/12 4 pm lecture at Baylor University
"'By Man Shall His Blood be Shed': The Natural Law Justification of Capital Punishment" by Prof. Edward Feser (Pasadena City College).
4/12 lecture at the University of Texas, Austin
A lecture by Prof. J. Budziszewski (University of Texas, Austin)
4/17 lecture at the Naval Academy
"What do Catholics Believe about Mary and Why Does it Matter?" by Prof. Jessica Murdoch (Villanova University). Co-sponsored by the Catholic Midshipmen Club.
4/18 7:30 pm lecture at Columbia University (Corpus Christi Catholic Church)
"Architecture: Thinking about Beauty and Reason" by Prof. Paige Hochschild (Mount St. Mary's University). Co-sponsored by Columbia Catholic Ministry.
4/19 7 pm lecture at Duke University
“Citizens of Two Cities: Christian Faith and Political Action” by Prof. C.C. Pecknold (Catholic University of America). Co-sponsored by the Duke Catholic Center.
4/19 at Harvard University
"On Edith Stein" by Prof. Catherine Pakaluk (Catholic University of America)
4/19 at MIT
"The Task of Life: 'Feelings Management' or Human Flourishing?" by Prof. Michael Gorman (Catholic University of America). Co-sponsored by the Tech Catholic Community.
4/19 6 pm at UNC Charlotte
"Is it Rational to Believe in God? If So, How Do We Talk about Him?" by Fr. Raymund Snyder, OP (Thomistic Institute). Sponsored by the Thomistic Institute Chapter at UNCC.
4/19 7 pm at Johns Hopkins University
"A Catholic Christian Meta Model of the Person" by Prof. Paul Vitz (Divine Mercy University). Co-sponsored by the Graduate Student Association at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
4/19 7 pm at Cornell University
"Why Does Anything Exist at All? An Argument for God's Existence from Thomas Aquinas" by Fr. James Brent, OP (Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception). Co-sponsored by Cornell Catholic, St. Albert the Great Forum on Science and Religion, and Chesterton House.
4/20 – 4/21 conference at NYU
“The Catholic Intellectual and the Challenge of the Contemporary University” featuring Prof. Patrick Deneen (University of Notre Dame), Ross Douthat(New York Times), Prof. Reinhard Huetter (Catholic University of America),Prof. Vincent Phillip Muñoz (University of Notre Dame), Prof. Carlos Eire (Yale University), DrR. R. Reno (First Things), and Fr. Dominic Legge, OP (Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception). Co-sponsored by the University of Notre Dame Tocqueville Program.
4/21 2 pm lecture for UVA community at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church
“True Sacrifice: Understanding the Mass” by Prof. Bruce D. Marshall (Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University). Co-sponsored by St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Charlottesville, VA.
4/23 lecture at Harvard University
"Contending Conscientiously for the Patient's Health" by Prof. Farr Curlin(Duke University). Co-sponsored by the Harvard-Radcliffe Catholic Student Association.
4/24 lecture at University of Maryland, College Park
"Aquinas on Sin, Suffering, and Evil" by Prof. Jennifer Frey (University of South Carolina).
4/30 4 pm at Yale University
"The Intention of Intention" by Prof. John Schwenkler (Florida State University).
Interested in a Thomistic Institute On Campus event?
Register at

Interested in a Thomistic Institute conference or debate?
Register at

● See the Following Link to Listen to Songs by the recently-formed  “Hillybilly Thomists”!:
● Teaghlach Band Announces Its Debut Album Now Available Online!

The 5-sister band Teaghlach just released their first album in December--and now you can purchase your own copy online!
This one-of-a-kind CD is only $12.99 (plus shipping and tax)!  To order, please visit our website at
This album includes unique renditions of some traditional Irish favorites, including "The Rocky Road to Dublin" and "The Irish Giant", as well as several medleys of Irish tunes and one vocal piece. 
If you have any questions, please email us at

● Telos-Paul Piccone Institute 2018 Telos International Conference Announcements:

1 ) Europe Conference Call for Papers:


Topic:   The Encurance of Empire ”

Location: Ragusa, Sicily

For more details about this conference, see:

2 ) Israel Conference Call for Papers:

Topic: “Asummetricality, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and the Abrahamic Peace”

Location: University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel 

Days: Sunday to Tuesday

Dates: 18–20 November 2018

For more details about this conference, see:
Scholars of all disciplines are invited to submit a 250-word abstract, along with a short CV, to

● Catholic Art Guild Calendar of Events and Announcements Related to Recent Work by Vittorio Possenti

The National Research Council (CNR, Rome, Italy)Affiliate Institute for the European Intellectual Lexicon and History of Ideas (ILIES) has recently announced release of a digital volume of Cristina Dalfino’s and Riccardo Pozzo’s (eds.) RealismMetaphysicsand Modernity (see:
This collective volume, the result of a CNR debate about Vittorio Possenti’s 2016 monograph Realism and the End of Modern Philosophy (Rome, Armando; "Digital ILIESI. Philosophical and lexical searches, " no. 3, ILIESI-CNR, February 2018), includes contributions related to intense metaphysical issues by a number of philosophers and Possenti’s replies.Vittorio welcomes comments. For more information, contact him via his website:
● News from AITNER about Call for Papers and Journal

As they are approaching the deadlines for the final Calls for Papers for ATINER’s 2018 conferences and symposia, you are invited to consult the schedule at Please let the organizers know if you plan to attend any of these events. The schedule of the streams and panels that are organized as parts of our 2018 conferences is available at

You are welcome to submit your abstract proposals for these various events. If you need more information, please let me know, and our administration will send it to you, including the abstract submission form. If you have already submitted an abstract or panel proposal, we will be happy to see you in Athens this spring and summer.

You can also always consider the possibility of submitting papers for publication in AITNER's academic journals or take part in these publication projects by reviewing papers. Journal publication does not require attendance at our conferences, and it is free of submission and publication charges. For details, see AITNER's Journal Policy at
Dr. Gregory T. Papanikos

President, ATINER & Honorary Professor of Economics, University of Stirling, UK.
● Call for Papers, 9th International Conference on the Image
Special Focus foe 2018: “Artificial Images and Visual Intelligence: Seeing in the Age of Big Data”
Dates: 03 to 04 November 2018
Location: Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong SAR.
For conference details, see:
Deadline for proposal submission: 20 March 2018

● Call for Papers, 10th Beyond Humanism ConferenceWroclaw, Poland
Date: 18 to 21 July 2018
Location: Wroclaw, Poland (Faculty of Social Sciences and Journalism, University of Lower Silesia).
Topic: “Cultures of the Posthuman”
Keynote Speakers: Prof. Steve Fuller, University of Warwick; Prof. Bernard Stiegler, L'Institut de recherche et d'innovation.
For detailed information about the Beyond Humanism Conference Series, see:

English abstracts up to 500 words, to be sent in MS Word and PDF format
Files should be named and submitted in the following manner:
Submission: First Name Last name. docx (or .doc) / .pdf
Example: “Submission: MaryAndy.docx”
Deadlines: Abstracts should be received by the 01 April 2018
Acceptance notifications will be sent out by the end of April 2018.
All those accepted will receive information on the venue(s), local attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and planned receptions and events for participants. Presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes. Each presenter will be given 10 additional minutes for questions and discussions with the audience, for a total of 30 minutes.
Organizing Committee/Beyond Humanism Network:
Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, John Cabot University, Rome; Sangkyu Shin, Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul; Evi Sampanikou, University of the Aegean; Francesca Ferrando, NYU, New York; Jaime del Val, Reverso-Metabody, Madrid; Jan Stasienko, University of Lower Silesia, Wroclaw; Maciej Czerniakowski, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
The following video demonstrates the atmosphere during a Beyond Humanism Conference and exemplifies the diversity of Posthuman Studies. It was shot during the 9th Beyond Humanism Conference which took place at John Cabot University in Rome some weeks ago and during which the launch of the Journal of Posthuman Studies was celebrated:
Immediately below you can download the brochure with the detailed CFPs
Please consider submitting your most treasured reflections to the ground breaking Journal of Posthuman Studies:
Please share this information widely!

Prof. Dr. Stefan Lorenz Sorgner
John Cabot University
Via della Lungara, 233
00165 Roma
Director of the Beyond Humanism Network; Fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies; Research Fellow at the Ewha Institute for the Humanities of Ewha Womans University/Seoul; Visiting Fellow at the Ethics Centre of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
The Official Homepage for Beyond Humanism Conference Series
● International Society for Neoplatonic Studies Call for Papers, 13 to 16 June 2018
The International Society for Neoplatonic Studies announces that its 16th annual conference will be held in Los Angeles on 13 to 16 June 2018 in conjunction with Loyola Marymount University. Panel proposals are due January 22, 2018, and abstracts for presentations (for the panels and for individual sessions) are due February 26. The ISNS will provide a link to the conference website when it is available.
For more information, see:
● Scientia et Fides Journal Call for Papers
The journal Scientia et Fides (a joint-venture, open-access, online journal published twice a year by the Faculty of Theology of Nicolaus Copernicus University, in Torun, Poland, in collaboration with the Group of Research “Science, Reason, and Faith” [CRYF], at University of Navarra) seeks rigorous research works regarding different aspects of the relationship between science and religion. SetF articles are not confined to the methodology of a single discipline and may cover a wide range of topics, provided that the interdisciplinary dialogue between science and religion is tackled. The Journal accepts articles written in English, Spanish, Polish, French, Italian, and German, which will be evaluated by a peer-review process.
For further information about publishing articles in SetF, see:
  19 to 20 September 2018, the  École Pratique des Hautes  Études Celebrates Gilson as Part of Its 150th Anniversary Celebration   

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