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Saturday, July 21, 2018

ALI 2018 Plenary Session Panel 5 (July 21st 9:00 am EDT)

9:00 am–10:30 am: Plenary Session Panel 5 (Location: Meeting Room)
Chair: Marvin Pelaez (Adler-Aquinas Institute)

Complete conference program (subject to change)

Update: Plenary Session video

Speaker: J. Joseph Jordan (Holy Apostles College and Seminary), “The Better Angels of Our Nature? -
Walker Percy and C.S. Lewis on the Dangers of Techno-Gnosticism”

Speaker: Peter DeMarco (Priority Thinking Institute), “AI’s Impact on Leadership Communications”
  • Examples of AI in business applications: AIG’s accelerated under-writing engines—beyond algorithms…
  • Asleep at the switch--When does and will AI create a co-dependency that causes resistance to the leader’s direction?
In addition, I would use my interactive polling technology to solicit feedback and facilitate discussion.

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