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  • Terrence Berres, Senior Fellow
  • Mark Brumley, Senior Fellow
  • Ken Dzugan, Senior Fellow and Archivist
  • Dr. Jay Gold, Senior Fellow
  • Dr. Michael Gose, Senior Fellow
  • Dr. Alan Iliff, Senior Fellow
  • Bob Kohn, Senior Fellow
  • David Peterson, Senior Fellow
  • Peter Redpath, Senior Fellow
  • Dr. Carl Scott, Senior Fellow
  • Roland Caldwell, Fellow
  • Richard Case, Fellow
  • Stephen Fazio, Fellow
  • Anthony Gasbarro, Fellow
  • Karl Haden, Fellow
  • Jay Hamann, Fellow
  • Robert Kohn, Fellow
  • Dr. Todd McCune, Fellow
  • Howard Rosenbloom, Fellow
  • Martin Smetter, Fellow
  • Francis Szarejko, Fellow
  • James Warren, Fellow