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Monday, March 13, 2017

Adler's 'Idea of Freedom'

Desmond J. FitzGerald in Freedom in the Modern World: Jacques Maritain, Yves R. Simon Mortimer J. Adler, Michael D. Torre, Editor, American Maritain Association: Proceedings of the 1988 Annual Meeting held at the University of Notre Dame, pp. 47-54, posted at American Maritain Association.
"as a young student of philosophy and graduate instructor in psychology, Adler's natural temperament turned him toward the ideal of a Summa Dialectica, a treatise matching for the twentieth century the Summa Theologica of Aquinas in the thirteenth century. But where Saint Thomas tried to give answers, Adler's ideal was a summa that 'would rigorously abstain from making comparable judgments, contenting itself with constructing a vast but inherently uncompleteable map of the universe of discourse in which theories (which may or may not be true) are placed in revealing logical relationships to one another'" [Philosopher at Large, pp. 91-92]

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