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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Aquinas Leadership International Update - April 2020

Dr. Peter A. Redpath provides this update on some developments related to the Aquinas Leadership International (ALI) group, its affiliate organizations (including the Center), and other groups interested in ALI’s work.

For those of you who missed it, and as a pleasant recollection for those who did not, go to the link immediately below to enjoy Andrea Bocelli's uplifting spiritual performance!:
  • Molloy College in Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York, has recently announced online teaching openings for adjunct philosophy professors to teach courses in Bioethics and also Business Ethics. Here are direct links to the postings:
  • An announcement below from City Internships Founder and CEO:
There is of course much uncertainty concerning the broad economic effects of COVID-19, let alone the direct effects on student and graduate work experience and job opportunities.

Amid the seemingly bleak early data - the Institute of Student Employers (ISE), for instance, reports that 68% of employers have "cancelled work experience and insight opportunities altogether" - we would like to provide students with some cause for hope and straightforward actionable advice.

Over the past few weeks we've been working to form a more complete understanding of how our various partner employers across the world are positioning themselves with respect to their student and graduate intakes this summer. Our findings do not jibe with the most pessimistic statistics your students may be seeing,
Only a small fraction of our partner employers have cancelled their summer opportunities altogether. Critically, all those who have are firms with headcounts above 5,000 (the kind of firms most likely to feature in surveys conducted by organizations like the ISE).

Similarly, the overwhelming majority of our partner employers have committed to hosting interns virtually, either as a default or fall-back approach, this summer. Again, we have observed an inverse relationship between a company's size and their ability to be flexible.

We are consequently recommending students seeking work experience to (i) ensure they apply to a diverse array of employers (with respect to company size) and (ii) consider including a "will consider virtual/remote arrangements" (or similar) statement in their resume.

Given the tight jobs market to come, soon-to-be graduates should be advised that while virtual/remote placements may provide less complete experiences as compared with in-person placements, they will typically carry the same weight on your resume among future prospective employers (in part, because it is not common to describe a placement as remote, in-person or otherwise on a resume).

To the extent you feel these points may be valuable to your students, please share them. 
Similarly, should they be of interest, our summer programs remain open to new applicants. Interested students should be direct to

We have increased intake for both our virtual and in-person summer programs (info. on open programs here), with increased flexibility and increased aid for class of 2020 and 2021 participants (more info. on those elements here).

As always, thank you for taking the time to read and share this email. Take care and stay safe.

Lewis Talbot
City Internships, Founder & CEO


+1 310 438 5329
+44 020 3808 4790

City Internships is a member of the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE), NAFSA: Association of International Educators, The Forum on Education Abroad and the National Society on Experiential Education (NSEE).

Should you have any additional questions, contact us via the following methods:
+1 310 438 5329 or +44 020 3808 4790 or

Our normal working hours are 8am to 4pm PST. However, you’ll likely find we are reachable at almost all hours. We take seriously our ability to limit the effects of COVID-19 – and the resultant near- and long-term economic effects – on our students.

Further, all CI staff remain employed and at work (albeit remotely).

About CI:
CI was founded in London in 2011.
CI provides outcomes-focused experiential education programs, which combine work-based practical training, class-based seminars and workshops, and on-the-ground coaching.
CI creates globally engaged, career-ready graduates.
CI alumni secure graduate-level employment 3 times sooner and starting salaries 30% higher than the US national graduate average.
  • WCAT Radio announces its HELP DANTE HELP ITALY PROJECT at:
Good day, friends,

Next year in 1321, we'll be celebrating the septuacentennial anniversary of publication of Dante's the Paradiso and of the death of its author. To participate in this celebration, Holy Apostles philosophy student, Daniel Fitzpatrick, has teamed with Vatican sculptor, Timothy Schmalz, to create a new illustrated translation of Dante's Divine Comedy.

See for the first canto of the Inferno
The two have also taken this opportunity to partner with WCAT Radio with the blessing of the administration at Holy Apostles College & Seminary to sponsor a fundraiser for the sick and dispossessed in Italy.

See to participate. A minimum donation of $5 will get you in your email twice a week a newly translated and illustrated canto and help you help Dante help Italy to restore stability to his homeland. 
Many blessings, and stay safe out there!
Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP
Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Vice-President of External Affairs
Africa LIFE Runners Coordinator
Holy Apostles College & Seminary
  • Announcing the Thomas Ricklin Book Prize for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
On anniversary of Thomas Ricklin’s death, his wife Sandra Plastina Ricklin, members of family, the head of Cetefil Alessandra Beccarisi and its scientific committee announce a prize in memory of Thomas Ricklin, professor at the Ludwig- Maximilians-Universität (München) and scholar of medieval philosophical culture. The initiative is aimed at supporting the publication of a critical study or annotated edition of a text, in the field of medieval and renaissance philosophy by young scholars. The initiative is sponsored by CETEFIL, the Centre for the editing of philosophical texts of the University of Salento.

Object of the selection: presentation of a monograph or critical edition of a text in the field of medieval and renaissance philosophy, accompanied by an abstract. The study can be written in the following languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish, German.

Requirements for admission: the award is open to Italian and foreign scholars who have held a PhD for no longer than ten years on the date of publication of the announcement.

Sum to be awarded and adjudicating committee: the prize, of 3,000 euros, made available by Ricklin’s wife and family, will be assigned to the winner, selected by a jury, whose decision is final, composed of: the director of Cetefil, Professor Alessandra Beccarisi (Università del Salento), Professor Sandra Plastina Ricklin (Università della Calabria), Professor Ruedi Imbach (Université de Fribourg), Professor Loris Sturlese (Accademia dei Lincei), and Professor Johannes Bartuschat (Universität Zurich).

Applications for participation in the award must be sent by December 30th each year to the following address:
They must contain: 1) personal information including date and place of birth, address of residence and/or domicile, telephone number, e-mail address; 2) photocopy of the candidate’s PhD certificate or equivalent declaration; 3) photocopy of a valid identity document; 4) original critical edition of a currently unedited text in the field of medieval and renaissance philosophical culture; 5) presentation abstract. The subject line must contain “Premio Internazionale Thomas Ricklin – Seconda edizione”.

Outcome of the selection and presentation of the award: The outcome of the selection will be published on the Cetefil website (

The winner will be personally informed. The presentation of the award will take place on the occasion of a public event at a date and in an institutional setting to be announced subsequently.
  • John Inglis, Treasurer of the Society for Medival and Renaissance Philosophy (SMRP), sends along the following announcement from Rob Pasnau:
I am sorry to have to add to your confinement blues, but my annual list of books in medieval philosophy --- below --- comes with two pieces of bad news. First, this is not as comprehensive a list as in previous years. (For various reasons, I was unable to call on the research help that I have previously relied on.) Second, I have decided that this is the last such list I am going to generate. It turns out to be a tedious and unending process to hunt down new books published in the field. Having done it since 2012, I have decided to stop pushing this particular rock up this particular hill. (On to other rocks and other hills!)

If others are interested in taking over this public service, I would of course be delighted to share their work in this forum.

As ever, the list is randomly organized, and begins with some books from 2018 that were left off last year's list.
* * *
Johannes Hiltalingen von Basel, Lectura super quattuor libros Sententiarum: Tomus III, super secundum librum, ed. Venício Marcolino, Monica Brînzei, Carolin Oser-Grote (Cassiciacum, 2018)
Irene O'Daly, John of Salisbury and the Medieval Roman Renaissance (Manchester University Press, 2018)
E. Göransson, G. Iversen, and B. Crostini, eds. The Arts of Editing Medieval Greek and Latin: A Casebook (Brepols, 2018)
Carlos Steel, Steven Vanden Broecke, David Juste & Shlomo Sela (eds.). The Astrological Autobiography of a Medieval Philosopher: Henry Bate’s Nativitas (1280-81) (Leuven, 2018).
Maria-Jesús Soto-Bruna (ed.), Causality and Resemblance: Medieval Approaches to the Explanation of Nature (Olms, 2018)
Alexander Key, Language between God and the Poets: Ma'na in the Eleventh Century (University of California Press, 2018)
Amador Vega, Peter Weibel, Siegfried Zielinski (eds), Dia-logos : Ramon Llull's method of thought and artistic practice (University of Minnesota Press, 2018)
Peter Adamson and Matteo Di Giovanni (eds.), Interpreting Averroes:  Critical Essays (Cambridge UP)
Daniel Schwartz, The Political Morality of the Late Scholastics: Civic Life, War and Conscience (Cambridge UP)
Thomas Williams (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Ethics (Cambridge UP)
Charles H. Manekin and Daniel Davies (eds.), Interpreting Maimonides: Critical Essays (Cambridge UP)
Norman Russell, Gregory Palamas and the Making of Palamism in the Modern Age (OUP)
Robert Grosseteste, Compotus, edited by Alfred Lohr and C. Philipp E. Nothaft (OUP) [Latin edition with facing English translation]
Robert Grosseteste, The Scientific Works, volume 1, edited by Giles Gasper, Cecilia Panti, Tom McLeish, and Hannah Smithson (OUP). [Edits De artibus liberalibus and De generatione sonorum. First of 6 projected volumes, including edition, English translation, and commentaries.]
Daniel Heider, Jesuit Psychology on the Eve of Modernity (Brill)
Bruce Foltz (ed.), Medieval Philosophy: A Multicultural Reader (Bloomsbury)
Stephen Boulter, Why Medieval Philosophy Matters (Bloomsbury)
Simon J.G. Burton, Joshua Hollmann, and Eric M. Parker, Nicholas of Cusa and the Making of the Early Modern World (Brill)
Thomas M. Izbicki, Jason Aleksander and Donald Duclow (eds.), Nicholas of Cusa and times of transition: essays in honor of Gerald Christianson (Brill)
Giannozzo Manetti, On human worth and excellence, edited and translated by Brian P. Copenhaver (Harvard University Press)
Michel Scot, Liber particularis. Liber physonomie, Édition critique, introduction et notes par Oleg Voskoboynikov (SISMEL)
Dominic D'Ettore, Analogy after Aquinas : logical problems, Thomistic answers (Catholic University of America Press)
Nicholas Kahm, Aquinas on emotion's participation in reason (Catholic University of America Press)
Fabio Acerbi and Gudrun Vuillemin Diem, La transmission du savoir grec en Occident: Guillaume de Moerbeke, le Laur. Plut. 87.25 (Thémistius, in De an.) et la bibliothèque de Boniface VIII (Leuven)
Adelardo de Bath, Cuestiones naturales, Spanish tr. José L. Cantón Alonso (EUNSA)
Andrew Lazella, The Singular Voice of Being:  John Duns Scotus and Ultimate Difference (Fordham UP)
Lydia Schumacher, Early Franciscan Theology: Between Authority and Innovation (Cambridge UP)
Gaven Kerr, Aquinas and the Metaphysics of Creation (OUP)
Sophia Vasalou, Virtues of Greatness in the Arabic Tradition (OUP)
Claude Panaccio, Récit et reconstruction : Les fondements de la méthode en histoire de la philosophie (Vrin)
Manuel Lázaro Pulido, Francisco León Florido, Francisco Javier Rubio Hípola (eds.), Pensar la Edad Media Cristiana: San Buenaventura de Bagnoregio (1217-1274) (Sindéresis)
Ruedi Imbach, Minima mediaevalia. Saggi di filosofia medievale (Aracne)
James A. Diamond and Menachem Kellner, Reinventing Maimonides in contemporary Jewish thought (Littman Library Of Jewish Civilization)
Rudolf Schüssler, The Debate on Probable Opinions in the Scholastic Tradition (Brill)
Robert Pasnau, Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy volume 7 (OUP)
Zahra Ayubi, Gendered morality : classical Islamic ethics of the self, family, and society (Columbia University Press)
Bonaventure, Itinéraire de l'esprit jusqu'en Dieu, tr. L. Solignac (Vrin)
Jean-Baptiste Brenet et Olga Lizzini (eds.), La philosophie arabe à l'étude. Sens, limites et défis d'une discipline moderne (Vrin)
Antonia LoLordo (ed.), Persons (Oxford Philosophical Concepts) (OUP) [articles by Scott Williams, Anthony Shaker, Christina Van Dyke]
Etienne Gilson, Studies in medieval philosophy, translated by James G. Colbert (Cascade Books)
Jacob W. Wood, To stir a restless heart : Thomas Aquinas and Henri de Lubac on nature, grace, and the desire for God (Catholic University of America Press)
Taylor Patrick O’Neill, Grace, predestination, and the permission of sin : a Thomistic analysis (Catholic University of America Press)
Petrus Ioannis Olivi, Questions sur la foi, tr. Nicolas Faucher (Vrin)
Alfarabi, Book of Dialectic (Kitāb al-Jadal): On the Starting Point of Islamic Philosophy, translated by David M. DiPasquale (Cambridge UP)
James Carey, Natural reason and natural law : an assessment of the Straussian criticisms of Thomas Aquinas (Resource Publications)
Brian Donaghey, Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr., Philip Edward Phillips, Paul E. Szarmach ; with assistance from Kenneth C. Hawley. Remaking Boethius: the English language translation tradition of The consolation of philosophy (Arizona Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies)
Epistles of the Brethern of Purity, On God and the world. An Arabic critical edition and English translation of Epistles 49-51, edited and translated by Wilferd Madelung, Cyril V. Uy, Carmela Baffioni, Nuha Alshaar ; foreword by Nader El-Bizri (OUP)
Joshua S. Nunziato, Augustine and the Economy of Sacrifice: Ancient and Modern Perspectives (Cambridge UP)
David C. Kraemer, A History of the Talmud (Cambridge UP)
Nicolas Faucher, La volonté de croire au Moyen Âge: les théories de la foi dans la pensée scolastique du XIIIème siècle (Brepols)
Christopher Cullen & Franklin Harkins (eds.), The discovery of being & Thomas Aquinas : philosophical and theological perspectives (Catholic University of America Press)
William of Ockham, Dialogus Part 3, Tract 2, edited by Semih Heinen and Karl Ubl (British Academy)
Tom Angier (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Natural Law Ethics (Cambridge UP)
Elena Băltuță, Medieval Perceptual Puzzles: Theories of Sense Perception in the 13th and 14th Centuries (Brill)
José Maria Silva Rosa & Álvaro Balsas (eds.), Teorias Políticas Medievais (Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia vol. 75.3)
Ibn Ṭumlūs, Compendium on Logic, Arabic text edited by Fouad Ben Ahmed (Brill)
Joël Biard and Aurélien Robert (eds.), La philosophie de Blaise de Parme: physique, psychologie, éthique (SISMEL)
Matthew Levering, Aquinas's eschatological ethics and the virtue of temperance (University of Notre Dame Press)
John Peter Radez, Ibn Miskawayh, the soul, and the pursuit of happiness: the truly happy sage (Lexington Books)
Peter Adamson, Medieval PhilosophyA History of Philosophy without any Gaps, Volume 4 (Oxford UP)
  • The Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy (SMRP) announces:
Award of an annual prize of $500 for the best paper on Medieval or Renaissance philosophy by a younger scholar. Eligibility is restricted to graduate students and recent Ph. D.s (within the last five years).

The award recipient will be invited to present a paper at a SMRP session at conference of one’s choice in the year of the competition.  The recipient may apply for up to $500 to assist with travel expenses. In recent years, SMRP has sponsored sessions at the annual meetings of the American Philosophical Association, the American Catholic Philosophical Association, the International Congress on Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo), as well as at several other conferences.

Submissions, which should generally be limited to 9,000 words, may include:
- The text of a lecture delivered within the last year or to be delivered (though short, informal talks are not suitable)
- Unpublished Essays
- Articles or chapters submitted for publication or forthcoming but not yet in print.
Entries should be submitted to Dr. Thomas Osborne at by May 1.
In your email, please include your name, affiliation, title of your paper, contact information, and date of PhD.  The file you submit must be prepared for blind review (including the elimination of meta-data from the electronic file) and should include an abstract of not more than 200 words.
  • Go to the link below for videos of the terrific, recent Telos Paul Piccone Institute (TPPI) 2020 Conference:
  • Aquinas and “the Arabs”
For information about Richard Taylor's "Aquinas and the 'Arabs'" International Working Group and upcoming conferences and seminars hosted by this organization, see:
See Richard Taylor's terrific article on "Maimonides and Aquinas on Divine Attributes: The Importance of Avicenna" at: 
  • The Catholic Education Foundation announces that its annual summer conference on "The Role of the Priest in Today's Catholic School" will now happen via ZOOM conferencing and at a reduced cost!:

Time/Day/Date: From 4:00 p.m., 14 July to 4:00 p.m., 16 July 2020
(with accommodations available a day earlier or later)

Location: Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey (a ten-minute ride from Newark International Airport)
Invited participants: Clergy who are pastors, parochial vicars, or those directly involved in the elementary or secondary school apostolate (or who wish to be), and seminarians.
Registration deadline: Before 31 May 2020
For more information, contact Fr. Peter Stravinskas at:215-327-5754 or email
  • Our colleague Brendan Sweetman makes the following announcement about Marcel Studies and dues:
Dear Members of the Gabriel Marcel Society and Friends of Marcel:

I am very happy to announce that the Fourth Issue of Marcel Studies, our on line, peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal, has been released. You can read the Journal here:

As well as interesting articles and reviews, be sure to check out our “News and Views” section.  This issue features an obituary for Marcel Scholar, K.R. Hanley, and a reflection on attending a lecture by Marcel from Irish poet, Desmond Egan.

I hope you find the Journal interesting, and stimulating for your own work and ideas.  Please consider a submission for a future issue, and please forward this message to anyone who you think may be interested in Marcel.

CALL FOR DUES: This email message is also our annual call for dues! The annual dues rate is a very modest $15, which can be sent in the form of cash or (preferably) check. Send cash or checks (payable to Gabriel Marcel Society) for Society membership for 2019 to:
Dr Brendan Sweetman, Department of Philosophy, Rockhurst University, 1100 Rockhurst Road, Kansas City, M0 64110.
PAYPAL: It is also possible to pay dues, or to make a contribution, by means of paypal. Just send your payment to my email address: Add a note that it is for the Marcel Society. I will send all receipts by email.

Dues are used to help defray the expenses of the Society with regard to production of the Journal, conferences, research support, website maintenance, etc.

With best wishes,


  • The Reality Journal announces publication of its first issue:
Dear Friends of Reality,
I am pleased to announce that the first issue of Reality has been completed and is now available in both a free digital, PDF format as well as in a paperback through Amazon’s print-on-demand service, at a modest price.  I am pleased with the paperback’s quality: it is an attractive, readable volume—and not bad for our first attempt, I might add!  Further details about the issue can be foundhere (as well as links to both formats).
This issue comprises an editorial introduction and four articles, each paired with a peer-review response or comment.  While I believe that each contribution is worthy of consideration on its own, together they form something I think both rare and needed in our current philosophical environment: a cohesively-themed volume that engages in genuine discourse about a topic sorely in need of discussion.  I am proud of the quality of writing, scholarship, and philosophical insight we have managed to combine in the span of a few hundred pages, and optimistic about the future of our journal.  To that end, I have attached a few calls for papers: for both the upcoming issues of Reality and a general call for essays and book reviews.  If you know of anyone who would be interested in submitting (professors, graduate students, or other well-qualified authors), please send them along.
Thank you for your time and your interest, and please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions (or to ask for removal from this list if you want no further notifications).
Brian Kemple, Ph. D.
Executive Editor, On behalf of the Reality Editorial Team
  • "La Civiltà Cattolica" journal announces launch of new edition in simplified Chinese:
  • The Joe Torre Safe-at Home Foundation announces its 2020 Annual Celebrity Golf and Tennis Classic
Day/Date: Thursday/23 July 2020
Location: Sleepy Hollow Country Club, Scarborough, NY
For more information, go to:
  • Thomas L. Spalding, James M. Stedman, Christina L. Gagné, and Matthew Kostelecky announce publication of:
The Human Person: What Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas Offer Modern Psychology
Book description: This book introduces the Aristotelian-Thomistic view of the human person to a contemporary audience, and reviews the ways in which this view could provide a philosophically sound foundation for modern psychology. The book presents the current state of psychology and offers critiques of the current philosophical foundations. In its presentation of the fundamental metaphysical commitments of the Aristotelian-Thomistic view, it places the human being within the broader understanding of the world.
For more information about this work in Kindle and hardcover editions, go to:
  • Announcing Common Ground Research Networks, Ways Scholars Can Connect in A World Where We Cannot Always Meet:
  • The 15th International Conference on Communication and Media Studies announces its annual meeting:
Topic: "The Data Galaxy: The Un-Making of Typographic Man?"
Dates: 01–02 October 2020
Location: University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
  • Peter A. Redpath announces his return to work with Brill Publishing as a member of the Editorial Board in the Philosophy and Religion (PAR) Special Series
For information about the PAR series with Brill go to:
Anyone interested in submitting a manuscript for publication in the PAR Special Series should email a letter of inquiry to:
  • Under the honorary presidency of His Eminence Rev. Luis Cardinal Ladaria Ferrer (Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith), the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Thomistic Institute of the Angelicum announce the Eleventh International Thomistic Congress: 
Congress theme: "Vetera novis augere: The resources of the Thomistic tradition in the current context"
Dates: 21–25 September 2020
Location: Rome, Italy
  • Announcing a "Call for Papers" for 2 official University Journals at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL)
1) Roczniki Kulturoznawcze (Annals of Cultural Studies) is a quarterly, interdisciplinary, cultural journal
Also, contact the Editor, Prof. Imelda Chłodna-Błach at:
2) Zeszyty Naukowe KUL (Kul Scientific Notebooks) is an interdisciplinary, scientific journal specializing in the role of values, conflict of values, and their transformations and impact on multicultural societies of Central and Eastern Europe. The main purpose of the Journal is to present research about the identification and description of values as factors of fundamental importance for the functioning of modern societies, their legal and political systems, and their impact on social communication.
For more information, see: 
Also, contact the Editor, Prof. Robert Kryński at:
  • Our colleague Fran O'Rourke announces that the Symposium Thomisticum V, originally scheduled for June 2020, has been re-scheduled for June 2021; see the information link and details below:
Topic: "Aquinas on Action"
Dates: 03–05 June 2021
Location: Cracow, Poland
For more information, contact Fran O'Rourke at:
Also, see the following link for information about 2 recent publications by Symposium authors:
  • The Institute of Catholic Theology in Phoenix, AZ, announces that its Spring 2020 All-Access Pass is now available at the link immediately below:
  • The Institute of Catholic Theology and the Franciscan University of Steubenville announce:
Applications are now open for undergraduate and graduate certificates in apologetics at:
  • A reminder from the Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy for the SMRP 2020 Inaugural Conference: 
Dates: 30 September–October 2020
Location: University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Ind.
For more conference information, go to:
  • The Thomistic Institute in Washington, D.C. announces:

Most U.S. universities have sent their students home. Now there's even more need for a forum where students and others can encounter the truth of the Catholic intellectual tradition – and experience a real communion in the truth.

That’s why the TI has been working around the clock to create a new outreach of the Thomistic Institute: Quarantine Lectures, which will launch next week. 

The TI will live stream lectures several nights a week, for as long as the coronavirus quarantine lasts.

Participants will be able to watch the live video stream, ask real-time questions by voice from your own webcam, and continue the conversation with students from their campus via live post-lecture video discussion groups at the end of the session.  (Non-students are welcome, too, especially our Aquinas 101 subscribers!) 

The TI now has 52 videos available in its Aquinas 101 video course.  Visit to watch and to find more resources.
The Institute has 716 recorded TI lectures on its iSoundCloud page, which are also available on almost all podcast apps. Search for “The Thomistic Institute” and subscribe. (Over the past year, the TI has had nearly 1.4 million listens!)

Registration is now open for its five major summer conferences of 2020 (details and registration links for each are below):

1. The TI’s oldest and biggest event: Thomistic Philosophy Workshop– this year’s theme is Aquinas on Knowledge, Truth and Wisdom
2. The Civitas Dei Summer FellowshipFaith, Reason, and the State
Dates: 14–19 June 2020
Location: The Catholic University of America, Washington, D. C.
Featured speakers: Fr. Dominic Legge, O.P. (Dominican House of Studies),Prof. V. Bradley Lewis (The Catholic University of America), and Prof. Adrian Vermeule (Harvard Law School).
3. Third annual Thomistic Philosophy and Natural Science Symposium: Chance and Indeterminacy in the Natural World
Dates: 16–20 June 2020
Location: Dominican House of Studies, Washington, D. C.
Featured speakers include: John Brungardt (Newman University), Travis Dumsday(University of Edmonton), Michael Gorman(The Catholic University of America), Sr. Stephen Patrick, O.P.(Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist), Jay Pike(Providence College),Valerie Plaus (Franciscan University of Steubenville), Steve Snyder (Christendom College), Peter Ulrickson (The Catholic University of America),Fr. Robert Verrill, O.P. (Baylor University), and Fr. Thomas Joseph White, O.P.(Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome).
For more information, go to: 
4. 2020 Student Leadership Conference will gather the leaders of TI's campus chapters, on The Vocation of the Catholic Intellectual
Dates: 16–20 June 2020
Location: Dominican House of Studies, Washington, D. C.
Featured speakers: Fr. Thomas Joseph White, O.P. (Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome), Prof. Jessica Murdoch (Villanova University), Fr. Dominic Legge, O.P. (Dominican House of Studies)
For more information, go to:

5. Ninth annual Conference for Priests: The Future of Marriage
Dates: 21–23 July 2020
Location: Dominican House of Studies, Washington, D. C.
Featured speakers: Fr. Thomas Petri, OP (Dominican House of Studies), Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk (National Catholic Bioethics Center), and Fr. Bill Byrne (Archdiocese of Washington).
See the following link for all upcoming events sponsored by the Thomistic Institute in Washington, D.C.:
  • The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) is pleased to announce:
Associate Professor Laura Rudolph Cloud (Michigan State University, USA) and Professor Jorge Sidney Coli (Universida de Estadual de Campinas [UNICAMP], Brazil) have accepted our invitation to speak at the 11th Annual International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts, 8-11 June 2020, Athens, Greece.
ATINER is pleased to announce that Dr. Ana Flavia Zuim (Director of Vocal Performance - Music Assistant Professor, New York University, USA) has just accepted our invitation to speak at this meeting. You are more than welcome to participate in the conference with a presentation or as an attendee (entails a registration fee). The scientific conference is sponsored by the Athens Journal of Humanities & Arts (AJHA).

Interested scholars are more than welcome to contribute to the e-Journal with a scientific paper (publication is free of any costs). If you are interested, ATINER's administration would be more than happy to send additional information. The AJHA also sponsors the 8th Annual International Conference on Humanities & Arts in a Global World, 4-7 January 2021, Athens, Greece, in which scholars are also invited to submit a proposal for participation.

For more information about this and other ATINER conferences, go to:
Dr. Zoe Boutsioli, Vice President of Publications Athens Institute for Education and Research reports that: 1) 2020 marks the silver anniversary of ATINER: 25 years of non-Euclidean improvement!; 2) many things that can be done. 2547 members from 117 countries and many more academics who volunteered in the reviewing process of ATINER'S 14 e-Journals (started publishing them in 2014) is a good base to build a better publication outlet for the world academic community. Dr. Boutsioli invites contributions to this process by (a) submitting some of your good academic papers to be considered for publication which involves no cost; (b) help ATINER with the review process; (c) contribute to our annual conferences with a presentation (it does involve costs on your part); and (d) inform your colleagues including graduate students about ATINER.

A number of papers are being considered for publication in the Athens Journal of Humanities & Arts (AJHA). Below you can find the list of papers and the links where they can be downloaded from. You may review only up to 2 papers. If you are interested, we will send you more information on how to proceed.
  1. Art Studio Supervision with or without Exposure: A Sample Survey of Implementation for Graduate Student Achievement at Altinbas University (Paper Code: 2020-3542-AJHA)
  2. The Apparent Good, Feelings of Pleasure, and Perceptions of Value in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics (Paper Code: 2020-3561-AJHA-PHI)
  3. Images of Animals in Neolithic Chinese Ceramic (Paper Code: 2020-3597-AJHA-ARTCUL)
  4. The Power of Greetings in African Chirstianity (Paper Code: 2020-3600-AJHA)
Scholars are also invited to contribute to our e-Journals with an original research paper (journal publication is cost free) and/or to participate at the Athens International Symposium on Education and Research, 20-23 November 2020, Athens, Greece (, or at the 8th Annual International Conference on Humanities & Arts in a Global World, 4-7 January 2021, Athens, Greece ( Please note that you do not have to present your paper to have it considered for the Journal.

In addition, this anniversary year ATINER is organizing a Workshop on Democracy (13-14 July 2020).
  • Announcing the 13th Global Studies Conference
Location: Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Dates: 04–05 June 2020
Special 2020 Conference theme focus: "Globilization and Social Movements: Familiar Patterns, New Constellations?"
For more information, go to:
Location: Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Dates: 11–13 February 2021
Proposal submission deadline: 31 July 2020
For more information, go to: 
  • Vrin Publishers announces that the first volume of the edited Oeuvres Completes of Étienne GilsonUn Philosophe Dans La Cite. 1908-1943 (Bibliotheque Des Textes Philosophiques) (French Edition) (French) Paperback–as of 26 November 2019
by Etienne Gilson (Author), Florian Michel (Editor)

Volume description:
Ce premier volume des OEuvres completes rassemble plus de cent-quinze textes publies par Etienne Gilson entre 1908 et 1943, afin de presenter l'ensemble des prises de parole du philosophe sur son actualite. Il comprend le volume Pour un ordre catholique (1934), les articles politiques que Gilson redige dans la presse nationale et confessionnelle, les entretiens, les conferences pedagogiques, les interventions publiques sur les intellectuels, les professeurs d'Universite ou les hommes de lettres contemporains. On trouvera egalement le cours ou Gilson examine avec acuite le phenomene totalitaire (automne 1933), ouvrant la voie au volume sur Les metamorphoses de la Cite de Dieu de 1952. Ce n'est qu'en filigrane que l'on percevra dans ce volume l'erudition du professeur de philosophie medievale. Ces opera minora ne sont pas secondaires cependant: nombreuses, precises et riches, comme des miniatures, elles dessinent un portrait neuf et revelent un itineraire intellectuel singulier et meconnu.

See, also, these recent works related to Gilson published by Vrin: 
1) Étienne Gilson, Une biographie intellectuelle et politique, by Florian Michel, at:
2) L'esprit de la philosophie médiévale, at:
3) Le thomisme. Introduction à la philosophie de saint Thomas d'Aquin, at:
4) Introduction à la philosophie chrétienne, at:
  • The International Society of Military Ethics announces its upcoming conference on "Military Ethics in a Grave New World" has been canceled!
  • The Benedict XVI Institute announces the Funding Patrons Dinner for its TruthBeauty and Goodness Project:
Dates: 17 SeptemberJ 2020
Location: Salesforce Tower, 415 Mission St, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA
  • Announcing a Call for Proposals for the 15th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
Dates: 20–22 July 2020
Topic: "Reflecting on Community Building: Ways of Creating and Transmitting Heritage"
Location:National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece
For more Conference information, go to:
  • Announcing upcoming annual Aristotle conferences at Marquette University:
Topic: "Causality and Causation in Aristotle and the Aristotelian Tradition"
Dates: 22–24 June 2020
Location: Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
For details about any of the above conferences, contact Professor Owen Goldin at:
See, also:
  • Announcing a “Call for Papers” for the Mount Holyoke Summer Philosophy Conference
Details: The MHSPC is a three-day, pre-read, workshop-style conference on the Mount Holyoke College campus in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Everyone in the world is invited to submit a paper, or to volunteer to be a commentator or session chair, but conference attendance is limited to those on the conference program (and also to members of the conference program committee, the assistant conference organizers, and members of the MHC philosophy department). This is partly due to funding and logistical constraints, and partly due to the fact that the MHSPC is a workshop-style conference that involves in-depth discussions of works-in-progress.
Dates: 21–21 June 2020

Location: Department of Philosophy, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts
For more information: See the MHSPC Call for Papers at:
  • See the link below to recently-published book by our colleague Jorge J. E. Gracia:
*Title:  With a Diamond in My ShoeA Philosopher's Search for Identity in America
The intellectual autobiography of a leading figure in the field of Latin American philosophy
Author: Jorge J. E. Gracia
Publisher: SUNY Series: Latin American and Iberian Thought and Culture
  • See the links immediately below for the C.S. Lewis Society of California, its Book and Film Club Schedule, and its Logos eNewsletter
  • Go to this link for upcoming Philadelphia-area events sponsored by the International Institute for Culture:
  • Divine Mercy University, Washington, D.C. announces scholarships available for graduate courses in:
Clinical Psychology, and Counseling
For more information, go to:
  • Listen to Joseph Fessio, S.J.' s announcement at about the REVOLUTIONARY Angelicum Academy Great Books Program:
             "Angelicum Academy at Holy Apostles College"

1) It enables students to acquire an Associate's degree in the Great Books totally online by the end of 12th grade and a Bachelor's degree as little as two years later.
2) Thanks to the agreement between the Angelicum Academy and Holy Apostles College, total tuition cost for the BA degree is under $30,000, while the average total cost of a four-year BA in private colleges is $180,000+.
3) It includes 12 credits of online Theology courses developed for the Angelicum Academy by Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J.

COLLEGE CREDITS: Angelicum Academy students may earn from 1-75 college credits while home schooling (in grades 9-12) or while in high school, or later. They may earn their accredited Associate’s degree (from Holy Apostles College -requires 60 credits) while in high school or home school (grades 9-12, or later), or they may take individual college-level courses for transfer elsewhere – to other of the hundreds of colleges and universities that accept ACE recommended credits. Students who earn their Associate’s degree while in home school (grades 9-12) or high school, may earn a further 15 credits then as well, enabling them to complete 75 credits towards their accredited bachelor’s degree (requires 120 credits) – that is nearly 2/3rds of their bachelor’s degree, for a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

For more information about this program, see:
  • The University of South Africa and the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin Thomistic Studies Research Doctoral Programs:
The University of South Africa in Pretoria has an online research doctoral program (PhD) in Philosophy that includes Thomistic studies. The Aquinas School of Leadership in the US is helping to promote this program for students contemplating, or currently, pursuing a graduate Master’s degree in Thomistic Studies and link this degree from the University of South Africa to  a follow-up, second Ph. D. degree from the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.

The costs of the program include 7,840 South African Rand for the research proposal, which equals $643 US Dollars, then, 15,400 South African Rand per year, which equals $1,263 US Dollars per year. The time limit for completion of the Pretoria program is 6 years.

For information about this program, contact Dr. Peter A. Redpath at:
  • Announcing CEINDO internationaldoctoral collaboration scholarships
CEINDO collaboration scholarships aim to reward academic achievement and active collaboration with a CEINDO doctoral institution. For these purposes, a tuition scholarship is being offered for each of official doctoral program of CEINDO. CEINDO, or CEU,International School of Doctoral Studies brings together research groups made up of doctors with proven track records in research.

CEINDO’s teaching project focuses on training large groups of researchers specializing in the diverse programs offered by the School. The main goal is to establish a network of internationally renowned researchers. To these ends, all three CEU Universities promote inter-university doctoral programs and foster collaboration among the most prestigious university institutions, enabling trainee researchers to participate in research projects of European and international repute.

For more information about CEINDO, see:
The doctoral program in Humanities for the Contemporary World has three lines: Philosophy, History, and Literature. It is possible to follow this program online with the University Abat Oliba in Barcelona, but knowledge of the Spanish language is required.

For more information about CEINDO, or CEU, doctoral program in Philosophy at the University Abaat Oliba, in Barcelona, Spani, contact Prof. Enrique Martinez at:
  • The Clarity Fund for the Study of Reason, Moral Law, and Culture, announces its formation and activities here:
  • The journal Scientia et Fides:
A joint-venture, open-access, online journal published twice a year by the Faculty of Theology of Nicolaus Copernicus University, in Torun, Poland, in collaboration with the Group of Research “Science, Reason, and Faith” [CRYF], at University of Navarra seeks rigorous research works regarding different aspects of the relationship between science and religion. SetF articles are not confined to the methodology of a single discipline and may cover a wide range of topics, provided that the interdisciplinary dialogue between science and religion is tackled. The Journal accepts articles written in English, Spanish, Polish, French, Italian, and German, which will be evaluated by a peer-review process.

For further information about publishing articles in SetF, see:
  • Check out the following terrific links for locating works by St. Thomas Aquinas:
  • Follow the progress of, and help to complete, the Latin-English edition of the Opera Omnia of St. Thomas Aquinas by going to:
You can download scholarly works to your computer, bookmark them, read them from the computer, send them to a printer, etc.

For example, immediately below are offerings related to Mortimer J. Adler and St. Thomas Aquinas:
Adler offerings:[]=author
Aquinas offerings:
You can download them to your computer, bookmark them and read them from the computer, send them to a printer, etc.

● Some YouTube Videos from past annual Aquinas Leadership International World Congresses are available for viewing
To view these videos, go to the following link on the Aquinas School of Leadership's "Events" menu:

●  Aquinas School of Philosophy Site: Rich in Resources Related to St. Thomas
For anyone interested in studying, or teaching courses on, St. Thomas, the Aquinas School of Philosophy site offers a wealth of educational information you might want to check out. See:
Also, see a list of thought-provoking articles by Aquinas School of Philosophy founder Dr. Dennis Bonnette at this site:
  • Support the work of the Benedict XVI Institute here:
  • Check out the following link for latest offerings from the Liberty Fund:
  • Check out the following link for Journey Film's Streaming titles:
  • The International Étienne Gilson Society, Studia Gilsoniana
The IEGS again congratulates Fr. Pawel Tarasiewicz and his Editorial Staff for the exceptionally high quality of the recent issue of the Studia Gilsoniana journal. Go to this link to see the January to March 2020 issue:
If you are not yet a member of the IEGS, please consider joining to support our ongoing work. If you are a member and have not yet paid your annual dues, please do so.
See the following link to join or pay dues:
See the following link to make a donation to the work of the IEGS:
  • Check out new publications from Public Philosophy Press:
  • Check new publications from En Route Books & Media, St. Augustine's Press, and Ignatius Press at:
● Check out the Jason Morgan website for news about public appearances, book publications, and reviews:
  • From The Center for the Study of The Great Ideas to give someone a present of a membership in the Center, see:
Contact Peter Redpath 
to post information on the Center’s blogspot:
 Please forward the above information to anyone you think might find it of interest! 

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